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Rice noodles – from The field to The plate

Rice is the main food of more than half of the people in the world.

Almost everywhere I visited in Asia I saw rice fields.
I’ll tell you about the track the rice grain makes from the field, through the rice noodle factory, to my soup dish.

These are rice seeds. the rice is Planned in a field flooded with water that looks like a big puddle. Rice can be grown even in an ordinary field , but then they grow up together with weeds and should be sprayed.
The advantage of growing rice in paddy water is that only rice is able to grow like this and then you do not have to use expensive pesticides.


The photo below was taken in North Vietnam. You can see rice field next to flooded field ready for planting.


The rice arrives to the noodle factory:

Bags of rice arrive to the noodle factory. the rice is Grinded into rice powder, called rice flour.



The flour is put in a huge pot with water and boiled (it looks like a pancake mix but smells strange).


The mix is pored into a machine that cooks the rice mix in hot steam.


.The ready noodles are eaten in a soup. In vietnam this soup is called Pho



4 thoughts on “Rice noodles – from The field to The plate

  1. That is so interesting! I had no idea about the water paddies and no need for pesticides. Thanks for teaching me something new!
    Love Kate
    (Kabir’s mum)

  2. Great tales from a beautiful little lady! Im really loving your stories Rotem. Cant wait for the next one.

  3. This is a great story, based on a real experience. This is a wonderful way to learnt about nature and mankind. Thank you Rotem for being so observant.

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