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Shity coffee

This is The story of The Vietnamese coffee.

In the image below you see a raccoon. It is responsible for the unique taste of Vietnamese coffee .

In our visit to Dalat, in central vietnam, we saw coffee fields.  We saw the coffee bushes and tasted fresh coffee beans. The ripe coffee beans Are red and taste like strawberry .

When the beans are ripe and get the red color, they are picked and brought to the raccoons .


The Raccoons eat the beans, and after a few hours they go out in their feces . The journey the beans make throw the digestive tract of the raccoon make their taste better.

The picture below shows raccoons’ poop containing coffee beans.


Farmers then remove the beans from the feces , clean them and roast them. The beans are grinded and then you can make coffee.


In the picture below , threre is a cup of filer Vietnamese coffee.  

Vietnamese coffee is very famous all over the world.


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