The illuminated palace

Sunday is a special day in the city of Mysore in Krantka. On this day all the lights in the huge palace of the city are lit, and for a moment you feel like you are in a Walt Disney movie.

Mysore is a large and relatively modern city. To get to the palace we ordered a cab in an app called UBER. It’s a really cool app and it’s also the most fun and cheap way to travel around Mysore. To our surprise, a charming female driver named Nita came to pick us up. I’d never seen a female driver in India before, so I asked her how she’d started working at UBER. Nita explained that a friend of the family was in trouble and decided to sell his car. Nita asked permission from the family, got a driving license, and a year ago started working with UBER. Nita is really happy and loves her job.

My parents explained to me that India is a very conservative country, in which there is inequality between women and men. This means that many women are not allowed to work in modern jobs, such as being a driver at UBER, so Nita is a special and pioneering woman.

At seven PM sharp all the lights of the palace were turned on! Enjoy this beauty with me.

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