What do you think this bicycles are used for?

Yesterday we visited ¬†“Sadana Forest” farm in the state of Tamil Nadu. The farm is in a place called Auroville¬†. In Auroville live people from all over the world who have left their countries and came to live in India to establish a place that does good to the world

The people at Sadana Forest decided to revive the forests that had died in their area. The forests do a lot of good things: they produce oxygen for breathing, they keep rainwater in the ground and they give shade and food to animals and humans.

In the first planting lots of trees died. The farmers made many attempts to save the trees. In the picture below you see a device that the farmers built from a used bottle, a cotton thread and pipe: They plant this device close to the tree, fill it with water and so the tree gets water under it’s roots all the time. This device saved trees and solved a problem of used bottles that spoiled the environment.

This dog is named Eric. Every time he hears the bell ringing (they ring the bell every morning to wake up all the volunteers who work in the farm) he starts singing and dancing. As soon as the rest of the farm dogs hear him they join the chorus.



Finally, the bike in the picture is connected to a blender engine. Once the pedals are turned, the blender starts working without electricity.

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