Hachiko’s loyalty

Hachiko was a dog. one day he got lost. A┬áperson (who was a professor)found him and took care of him. Every morning Hachiko walked with his new owner to the train station (his owner took the train to the university) and waited until his owner would come back (from the University). then Hachiko would walk with him back home. After a few long years (again), one morning Hachiko walked with his owner to the train station. Hachiko waited and waited for a long time but his owner didn’t come back. Sadly his owner had a heart attack and died. Hachiko didn’t know that, so he waited in the train station for ten years until Hachiko died himself.

In the pic me withwHachiko’s statue in front of shibuya train station in Tokyo, where hachiko waited for 10 years.

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