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From Caterpillar to thread – the remarkable story of silk

When we visited Dalat , we went with our guide Juan, to visit a silk factory .

The story begins with a hungry caterpillar (in the picture above it’s on my mother’s hand), gobbling and gobbling leaves. When it is large enough, it spins a cocoon around itself.

Then the factory begins production process : They cut the cocoon and pull out the sleeping larva ( and then eat it !) .


The Photo below shows the empty cocoons ready to enter the machine to make the thread.


In the next stage, the empty cocoons are boiled in hot water. Boiling water help to unravel the cocoons into thread and clean the dirt . Each coccon is composed of four hundred meters of thread!


After unraveling the cocoons, another machine is used to roll the silk threads into skeins .


The process at the factory is complete .

Many things are manufactured from the silk thread: garments , scarves , tablecloths and many more . The photo below shows silk flowers.


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