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Thai cooking class in Bangkok

The food in Asia and India is usually very spicy, but in Thailand it is rich and delicious.

There are delicious soups, a lot of stir-fried noodle dishes and desserts made from fruit and rice.

Thai food is made from vegetables and fresh herbs, curry paste (red or green) and coconut milk. First you cut all the vegetables, prepare all the spices and sauces next to the stove and then heat the wok – this is a big iron skillet. The cooking method is called bouncing, it means bumping boiling vegetables in a wok for a few seconds.

In the image above I make Tom Yam soup, which is vegetable soup with coconut milk.

And this is Pad Thai, stir-fried noodles with vegetables.

And here I pour sweetened milk on rice and mango. Yummy

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