Hampi / India

Rock climbing in Hampi

The area around Hampi is full of boulders, which are fragments of huge rocks that were once a mountain. A lot of people enjoy the unique boulders, especially rock climbers. Climbers from all over the world come to train on the rocks in Hampi.

We also experienced climbing with the great Tom&Jerry climbing shop.
Anyone can climb, even my brother Guy. All it takes is climbing shoes, chalk powder to prevent moisture hands (caused by sweating) and a thick mattress to fall or jump on when needed.


This is a rubber shoe, that helps you climb without scratching your feet 


This is me after a jump on the rescue mattress.


Before the climb, it is important to stretch and heat the body, particularly the hands and feet that take an active part in the climb.



It is important to support the climber back, so as not to fall on the rock, only on the rescue mattress.


This is our teacher Sunny, demonstrating a climb that start from sitting position.

So if you arrive to Hampi, do not forget to try boulder climbing.

It is so much fun!


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